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Aria Charts as of December 15 2003 - Delta Goodrem Support

About Aria Charts as of December 15 2003

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Singles Charts
Position 02. Predictable [Platinum 2]
Position 27. Not Me, Not I [Platinum]

Albums Charts
Position 02. Innocent Eyes [Platinum 13]

Interestingly enough she's been deprived of both number one spots by the first Australian Idol Guy Sebastian with his debut single Angels Brough Me Here and his debut album Just As I Am!

For more information check out Aria Net!
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Date:July 1st, 2005 07:43 am (UTC)
Hi :]

I just made a new music forum. It's sad and empty hahah, but it's only my first attempt at one. If you have the time, please come and check it out! It features artists such as Delta Goodrem, Missy Higgins, all other Aussie and International artists too ;)

You can register here;

Here is the site;

Feel free to post as much as you want aswell :)
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