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Delta Goodrem Support

For all the support she needs.

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Welcome to this Delta Goodrem community! The aim here is to gather all the Delta fans and support her throughout her wonderful career.

Every week I'll post Delta's doings in the Australian Aria Charts.


- No promoting your own journal or communites, these posts will be deleted and you will be banned
- If you join introductions are wonderfully accepted in order for us to get to know you better
- Feel free to post your Delta graphics ranging from icons to banners but keep them behind a lj cut except a couple of teasers if you must
- Please, no requesting for any graphics through journal posts, if a member feels like making some they can open a post for requests
- Post news if you have some but make sure it's all true and not some big joke, you get the drift
- Any bashing and you will be banned no questions asked
- Finally, have fun and support Delta

This community is run by eighnjel and it was created on December 17 2003!